About a Giant

Who We Are?

A couple of adventure loving foodies is probably the best way to describe us, with a passion for travel and cooking we take each moment and enjoy sharing it with you. We are both individuals with our own passions in a variety of different topics and themes, be you a fan of Travel, Food, Anime, Architecture and Fashion this is a blog for you!!!

Who is He…

He is a big personality who enjoys spending a lot of time in kitchen making culinary delights and keeping up to date with the latest trends in food and diet.

Born in the UK and a produce of Bangladeshi parents, he has grown up in a large family full of cultural influences and dynamics, thus allowing him to gain a open-mind to embracing different cultures.

Currently working as a Sustainable Design Engineer in his hometown of Oxford and have studies in architectural field, design, art and architecture are large influences his life.

Who is She…

She is adventure loving travel-addict who loves to get stuck into a good book and strong cappuccino. With a desire to learn and experience as much as possible she is an individual who is not afraid of any challenge.

Born and raised in Mainland China with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Mandarin to speakers of a foreign language, she has come overseas and is currently working in the Confucius Institute at the University of Liverpool. She is the brains behind any of the Chinese you may see in the blog.

Her hobbies and interests range from literature, poetry, music, fashion and of cheesy Korean TV shows, if you like any of these things i’m sure that you will have lot to talk about.