Top 5 Anime…Summer 2018

Top Anime to watch this Summer

Finally an update and I made it in time before we hit Autumn, for this post I thought it is important to watch a few episodes before I can come with a new list for this season, although we are nearly done with the summer  here is a list to keep you busy inside are my Top 5 Shows to be watching.

Even though I am late with this post, I was really thinking of you guys because I know how much you like to binge watch, haha!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!

With each post, I try to  give you an understanding of what the anime through a basic synopsis, and then followed by a  brief review of what I think of the show so far.

I appreciate any recommendations in the comments, and I will try to watch these as well!

5. Banana Fish

Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir  “Papa” Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the devil who raised him, however the hideous secret that drove Ash’s older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into Papa’s hands.

A well thought out plot, with contrasting leading characters and fitting artwork this anime hits all of the right spots in my opinion, also for those of us who are amazed in magic, and enjoy a great thrill now and then Banana fish will definitely be one of your most favourite anime’s of the season.

For fans of: Bungou Stray Dogs, Hakuouki
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Shoujo
You can watch it at: Banana Fish

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