The Causeway Coast & Finn MacCool

The Giant’s Causeway and the Causeway coast is located in the north-east of Northern Ireland and is full of breathtaking views, scenery and heritage. The Causeway Coast in my opinion is one of the best road trips you can make in UK be it by car or by foot you are sure to enjoy the harmonious relationship between the Atlantic Ocean and steep cliffs.

Approximately 60 million years ago, three great lava flows were laid down here, cooling the basaltic plateau of North Antrim, nature being the architect for the coastline has provided us with landscapes that can be calm from a distance and intense when you get closer. Being in a heritage location time, weather and man have all enriched the landscape to make it a coastline rich in beauty, legend and tradition.

Before travelling I would definately recommend bringing the following essentials:

  • Comfortable walking boots/shoes (with a decent grip)
  • Thick socks for the journey
  • Weatherproof coat, it can be very windy and possibly rain
  • Some money for parking in certain places.
  • Bring your own lunch it can be quite tricky to find somewhere to eat unless you research and book a place before travelling.

This list was based on my own experience travelling in during Winter 2016, If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, HAPPY TRAVELLING!

The Dark Hedges

The Dark hedges are series of intertwining Beech trees which form a dark ominous tree tunnel full of atmosphere and romance. This scenic road  maybe familiar to all of the Game of Thrones fans, I would reccommend starting your journey here.

If you go early I am sure you can avoid mass hordes of tourists.

Address: Bregagh Rd, Ballymoney BT53 8TP


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  1. I liked the dark hedges but not all of the tourists who chose the same time as me to visit!


    1. Yeah I think I was quite lucky, as it was just us, I think maybe because it was so cold.

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