Chocolate Mousse

What could be more rewarding than smooth velvety chocolate mousse after long day, give this recipe a go and let me know how it goes for you.


225g Plain Chocolate (no added milk/dark)
A knob of unsalted butter
3 Eggs seperated (the fresher the better)
150ml Double cream, lightly whipped
A handful of fresh raspberries

This recipe serves around 4 people depending on how you portion it


1. The first step is to bash your chocolate in to small pieces and melt over boiling water, be sure the you put in a bowl which can withstand  the heat, and be sure that the bowl does not touch the boiling water, otherwise the chocolate will burn. as the chocolate is melting add the butter and stir frequently.

2. Next step is lot of whipping, start by whipping the double cream until slightly fluffy, do not go overboard here. Once you have done that, start separating the yolk of the egg from the whites and begin to whisk the yolks until slightly pale and then whisk the whites until they just form stiff peaks. (the egg whites will give you the texture and bubble in the mousse).

3. You chocolate should have melted by this point, so take it off the heat and let cool down enough to add the egg yolks, (if the chocolate is still to hot you will have scrambled egg mousse) once the you add the yolks gradually be sure to mix well.

4. Add one third of the egg white to the the mix and stir and add the whipped cream to mix as well, fold all of the remaining egg white to you mousse mixture and then it should be ready for transferring to the fridge.


5. I put raspberries in the bottom of my cup then added the chocolate mixture, but you could use any berry in my opinion, you will need to chill this for a minimum of three-four hours. (the longer the better the result I guess), Decorate with more raspberries and dust with icing sugar as decoration.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. This looks to die for!


    1. Rajohn_Ali says:

      Thanks yeah it’s quite heavenly 😅


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