Pistachio, Cardamom and Lime Loaf

After watching the Great British Bake Off, I felt myself craving for cake and I stumbled across a recipe on YouTube by CupcakeJemma and thought let’s give it a go. I scaled down the amount of sugar because i’m gonna end up nomming this cake with custard. So yeah if you find yourself craving cake I can definately recommend this recipe.


Cake Mix

185g Self-raising flour
150g Caster sugar
150g Crushed Pistachio (bashed up and deshelled)
150g Softened butter (unsalted)
0.5 tsp Baking powder (levelled)
0.5 tsp Cardamom seeds (grounded)
3 large eggs (free range if you have)
125ml Natural Yoghurt

Syrup and Topping

100g  Caster sugar
75ml Water
Juice of 2 limes (and zest of one)
100g Crushed Pistachio (bashed up and deshelled)


1. Preheat the oven to 170ºC, gas 4.

2. Start the prep work before you begin on you cake mix, starting by bashing the pistachio nuts using a rolling pin once the fun is over put this aside for the mix, you can also take a couple of cardamom seeds and cut them open and begin to crush the seeds inside (you only need about half a teaspoon so 6 or 7 should be plenty) I recommend using a pestle and mortar here.

3. Next step we are starting the cake mix by adding the sieved flour to a mixing bowl and then follow by adding the sugar, baking powder, crushed pistachio, butter, ground cardamom and the 3 eggs. Using an electric whisk mix for around a minute on a low speed.

4. Add the yoghurt to the cake mix and whisk for a further 30 seconds or so with that step it finishes the cake mix. So pour your cake mix into a lined loaf tin and level slightly.
I used the 25.75 X 12.75 X 6.75 cm, but it would work with spring form cake tin as well.

5. Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 45-55 mins, or until golden brown, check with a skewer and push the sides of the cake, if it is springy it should be done. Take it out of the oven and let it cool down.

6. While the cake is cooling, make the lime syrup topping. Mix together the sugar and lime juice and water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil on low-medium heat. You are not caramelizing so be careful not to do that. Once it is brought up to the boil add the zest of the lime and mix and continue boiling for a couple of minutes. Your syrup is now ready for the cake, it will be very hot so be careful.

7. Using the skewer poke holes in the cake so the syrup can go through to the center of the cake. Then pour generously over the warm cake, once fully covered in the syrup decorate with some more crushed pistachio nuts.


*You could use Oranges or lemons as a different alternative to the citrus fruit
*You could use walnuts instead of pistachios if you wanted.
*Instead of the sugar syrup you could use drizzles of honey instead (only for those with sweet teeth or no teeth)


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