Top 5 Anime…Spring 2016

Top Anime to watch in Spring 2016

It’s the middle of the year and you have your summer to look forward to, so why not get hooked on a new series. Here is a list five of my favourite anime series for Spring 2016.
This list is based on my own opinion and if anyone does have any recommendations leave a comment below. I will try to introduce the story to you and not give away to much.

5. Mayoiga (The Lost Village)

So the story begins when a shady bus tour of young men and women are headed to an elusive village called Nanakimura. The village is a utopia where it is said one can really set themselves free…at least this is what they were told.

The bus navigating deep into the mountains carrying around 30 people, all with a troubled past look to find the village desperately. On arrival the young travelers come to the realization that the so called village of freedom may not be cut out to be the haven they were hoping for. Desolate and gloomy the village harbours a faint scent of life.

Is Nanakimura really empty?

The anime itself highlights our flaws as humans as well our fears, and with both combined it eventually leads you to do dreadful things. Each character in the story starts with a strong sense of nobility and justice, however this changes in due course and sides start to form.

The story-line is filled with intrigue and mystery to keep you interested as well as some supernatural elements that cause a lot grief.

For fans of: Tokyo Ghoul, Btoom and Night Head Genesis
You can watch it at: Mayoiga


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