Top 10 Foods to try in Sichuan!

Spicy food makes you strong..

Not really, but I knew it will make you carry on reading. Sichuan is known for its versatile dishes that pack a whole lot of kick to them. Usually after and during the meal you can feel warm tingly numb feeling and a whole lot of spice, this is not a cuisine for those who are spice wimps. here is a list of delicious food that I really think you should really try out, some dishes can be served with beef or pork, due to being Muslim I didn’t choose pork and also beef is super yummy as well!

1. Hong You Chao Shou -紅油抄手

So if you like dumplings you can’t miss this dish. Hong you Chao Shou (Sichuan Spicy Wontons) was probably one of my favorite dishes to eat in Chengdu, with flavors that compliment each other the dish should definitely be on your list to eat.


The dish certainly is different from other Wonton, thanks the homemade roasted chilli oil marinade, with out this the dumpling is not the same. The feeling whilst eating will be the dumpling will melt in your mouth and then set it on fire. In my opinion this dish the spice intensity is quite mild compared to some of the others to follow.


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