A Light in Merseyside…

Port Sunlight!

A village in the North-West of England, Port Sunlight is one not to miss, with stunning architecture and industrial history this garden village is an great example of early British urban planning, You also have the Port Sunlight River Park where you can get a clear view of the River Mersey and Liverpool.

The 19th century village is set in a beautifully preserved parkland, where you can find mature trees, well maintained gardens and diverse architecture. With the village now being a conservation area due to it’s natural beauty cultural heritage this is sight you should definitely check out.

The Story behind the Garden Village…

Built in the 19th century by William Hesketh Lever to house the workers from his soap factory. Lever purchased cheap land near to his factory and developed it into a piece of English Heritage. The site once bought by the Lever brothers (present day Unilever) commissioned around 30 different architects to design a village that stood out. With approximately 900 Grade II listed buildings the architects conjured up a intoxicating blend of various architectural styles. Not only does this village have beautiful architecture and parkland it also houses one of the largest war memorials in Britain. If you are near to the area and are short of things to do, this I can guarantee is worth a visit.

How do I get there?

I travelled to the village by car by there are various routes to get here, due to me arriving by car from Liverpool I passed though the toll which costs £1.70 either way. In addition to driving to the village you have plenty of spaces to freely park your car and wander around the village.

You can also take the bus from Liverpool. This village is in Wirral and very close to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet so if you do plan to go there you should definitely give this a go.

Here is an address for the Garden Village
Port Sunlight Village Trust, 23 King Georges Drive, Wirral CH62 5DX

Here is an address for the Port Sunlight River Park
Port Sunlight River Park, Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside CH62 4TQ


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