Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟 The Nine Village Valley

What is Jiuzhaigou?

So Jiuzhaigou in my opinion is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with crystal clear waters and jaw dropping scenery, every picture you will take is screensaver material. Being a nature reserve that stretches over 180,000 acres of land, it is known to be one of the largest national parks in the country.

The site itself is known for its many waterfalls. colorful lakes and large snow capped mountains. The mountains are not overpowering and allow you enjoy the scenery without the need for any heavy hiking gear.

Jiuzhaigou is a place you would want to visit at least four times in your life as every season has a deep impact on the picture you will see. So I traveled in winter which was very cold, but i managed to see Frozen lakes and waterfalls and snowy mountains and misty lake, but I have heard that other seasons are very different. Spring usually being very green and natural, Summer the lakes generate a sparkling shine and autumn the colors in all the vegetation paint a whole new picture. Bear in mind Autumn is the peak season and is usually very busy with Chinese tourists and a lot of selfie sticks.

Where is Jiuzhaigou and how do I get there?


Jiuzhaigou is located in the north of Sichuan Provincein China, is apart of the Min Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. The best way to get to Jiuzhaigou is to take a tour group or rent a car to get there as it is very long journey through high altitude mountains. The journey if you go with a tour group will pass through many different towns including Wenchuan (city of the 2008 earthquake), Songpan and some Tibetan villages. The villages are usually tourist traps and they may pressure you into buy something, it’s overpriced and not the best so avoid if you can. Also with a travel group as a foreigner you may be charged an excess, I know I was even though I didn’t really receive any special treatment (translator). Private car would be expensive but maybe worth it if you can split the cost with someone else. Also some travel packages include a visit to Huanglong as well, which is another amazing sight.

If you ever get the chance do not hesitate to visit this beautiful scenery, as the Chinese say “if you come to Jiuzhaigou to see the water it’s no need to see another water on Earth”

Jiuzhaigou 4 Seasons


Here is a video link which may help you make up your mind, enjoy!


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    1. Rajohn_Ali says:

      Yeah it’s so pretty, I might go back in the summer if I have enough time!


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